music videos

On my first day of college doing lens based media we looked at music videos and the types of music videos that are out there. We first looked at the type of music and the stereo typical music videos that go with them. We looked at happy music videos that made the viewer excited and wanting the watch more. Then we looked at sad and dark music videos which made some viewers want to stop watching and others wanting to see more. We then looked at story music videos, these told a story and the song lyrics or sound went with the story. This would make the viewer want to watch on so they find out what happens at the end of the story. All these types of music videos were good for different things.

We then went on to create our own music video with a song and videos of ours choice. Lots of people came up with different things and each of them were interesting. I think my music video came out really well and the videos that i put in went really well with my song choice. The song i chose was express yourself  by NWA and i chose a skateboarding video from the thrasher skateboard magazine You-tube account. My video was in synchronization with the song and it sounded good with the beat of the song and what happened in the video. All together my video came out good and i am l am pleased with what i have produced.


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