I have learned a lot in photography over the past few lessons, I have learned to take fast and slow shutter speed images. I have also learned the amount of light let into a photo by editing the aperture of a photo. the smaller the number the bigger the hole is to let light in. the bigger the number the smaller the hole to let light in is. light is the most important thing in photography as photography in Greek means ‘ drawing with light’

the second picture at the top is taken with a very fast shutter speed. this means that the moving object will have no blur to it in the picture. this is a good picture as it has really cool patterns and colours in it from the bubble. the left side of the bubble also has a nice reflection in it of a building which adds to the photo.

the top image is taken with a very slow shutter speed. in the photo the photographer has set up the camera on a slow shutter speed and put it on a tri pod facing the sky at night time. this image is nice as it shows the colours of the area and is a very unusual photo making it stands out.




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