photography skills

(left) shallow depth of field                                   (right) large depth of field

Recently in photography we have learnt about depth of field. we have learnt about shallow and large depth of field and how it makes the background or foreground blurry and in front of it or behind in focus. these skills will make my photography better because I will have more skills to take better and more creative photographs. this will help me archive a better grade at the end of the  course.

shallow depth of field is when the subject in the foreground is in focus and the background is blurry, this is good as it brings out the detail in the focused subject and makes it stand out better. this is good in a picture as it will tell the viewer about what part of the photograph they need to focus on

large depth of field is where most of the image is in focus but the backgrounds is more focused. this is good as it makes a photograph unique and creative. it also makes the background stand out more which could be good if it was a view or something important which the photographer wants to point out.


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