career path of a photographer

I love skateboarding, surfing and photography I would love to combine these things and make a career out of them. I often take photos and videos of skaters and friends at my local skatepark I then go on to edit them and send them to them. my photos and videos have been on peoples social media account of them skateboarding. I also go down to a beach and photograph surfers, sometimes I’m shooting from the beach and other times I’m in the sea with a camera and underwater housing taking pictures of surfers and empty barreling waves. I want to earn a living from photography as its a job that i would enjoy so it wouldn’t feel like work, I would be living the dream. I think that my photos are good considering the equipment that i have is not the best, I will continue to take photographs and try to get them noticed by people on social media and the internet so that in the future I can become a professional photographer.


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