Rituals Evaluation



I like this poster, I think the photo is good and the idea of where things are is also good. To improve this poster, I would like to have everything more symmetrical and the writing at the sides of rituals to be inline with each other. I would also like to have reshot the photo in better light, as this was taken in the evening and it was getting dark.

Peer feedback:

Good: The composition of the photograph is good, the use of font is good, the background is good.

Bad: The channel four logo is too big, and I don’t like where the http://www.channel4.com is put.

Feedback by Gabe Heseltine


This poster is a contender for my favourite – I love the way everything is placed and I really liked the colours in the poster and the fact that its mainly only red, black, white and blue. I feel this  is good as it gives it simplicity and, as there are only a certain amount of colours, it doesn’t look messy. I really like the way that ‘rituals’ is rotated so that it is symmetrical with the skateboard. I like the way that I filled the gaps  in with the text.  Finally, I like the way that I put a white box behind the channel four logo – I think it looks like the professional ones that you would see on TV. I can’t think of anything that I would change about this poster.

Peer feedback

Good: good photo,nice font.

Bad: don’t like the box around channel four logo, don’t like white text.

Feedback by Gabe Heseltine


I like this poster a lot. I really like where I put ‘rituals’ and the text under it. I like how it almost ‘holds’ the skaters body, and is placed to stop where the writing meets the body so it all stops in the same place. I like the photo, however, I would like it to be better quality and again, shot at a different time as it was getting dark. Also I think that the channel four logo is  too big and it stands out too much.

Peer feedback

Good: good photo like the black writing and font.

Bad: size of the channel four logo, picture quality isn’t great.

Feedback by Gabe Heseltine



This poster is another contender for my favourite. I love the way the rituals writing takes the form of the horizon line on the hill, it also goes behind the skater which I really like. To me it looks professional because thats how Thrasher Skateboard magazine put their skater over the title logo. I also like the size of the channel four logo and how it looks. I like all the other text apart from the text on the wall on the left but thats the best place I could find for it. Altogether, I think that this is definitely my favourite poster and the one that I would use to promote the documentary.

Peer feedback

Good: I like the way rituals is shaped to the hill, channel four logo size is good.

Bad: writing on the wall to the left.

Feedback by Gabe Heseltine




I really like my brochure and think it looks very nice and professional. It has all the things that a real company made brochure would have, and it is made with similar standards. I like the way that I made the front cover. I think that it looks professional and good. I like the way that it has the text close to the body of the skater and how it has all of the key information about the documentary series on it. I can’t think of many things that I would change about the poster. However,  one thing to change would be that the writing in the middle could have more room so that it is not all bunched up and some of the words are cut short onto the other line.

Peer feedback

Good: like the photos, front cover is nice.

Bad: middle page text could be more spaced out.

Feedback by Gabe Heseltine

2.5D Ident

After I made this and uploaded it to Youtube, I realised that I had misspelled the word ‘documentary’. Due to time constraints, I was unable to correct this error. Next time, I will make sure that I proof read my work and get someone else to proof read it.

Despite my spelling error, I am really happy with my ident and I think it looks really good and I think other people like it too. I love the way that all the writing and information comes in off the screen and then goes to the place I want it to be. I also like the sounds that I added and how I edited them. For example, I love the way the sound of the grind and the sound of someone riding a ramp come together and makes it sound like a real video.

The only thing I would change about my ident, is the fact that I had to copy the wall of the right and put it on the left wall other wise the ident wouldn’t work. I sorted this out a bit by putting a poster on the copied wall to make it look different. I would have liked to keep the original wall there but it still looks good in mine, and others, opinion.

Peer feedback

Good: I like the way  everything moves. I like the sounds –  they fit well together.

Bad: I don’t really like the white text.

Feedback by Gabe Heseltine


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