Wonderland pitch

Wonder Land Pitch

To me ‘Wonderland’ means the most amazing place imaginable in your opinion. For me it would be a ‘concrete wonderland’ –  the best skatepark imaginable. This skatepark would be the best for the type of skating that I like and the only people there would be me and my friends.

For my product I will be making a video advert for sessions surf and skate shop. It will involve footage of skating and surfing as well as footage from inside and around the shop. There will be footage of people buying from the shop and also shop workers showing people around the shop.

Mind Maps


This is a link to both of my mind maps. In my first mind map mind maps I have written words that come to my mind when I think of wonderland. In my second mind map, I have written about formats that I could use to present my FMP, for example an advert , magazine , photographic.

Mood Board

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 12.00.59

For my mood board, I have included images of the skatepark I will be using. Also there will be company logos which  will be one at the end of my video. I am using these images because most of them involve the place I will be filming at and the people I will be filming. I put the logos in because the shop that I am advertising has a logo, and it will need to be featured in the video. I will also be using the fish eye lens and the angles that these photos use because they are the classic skate filming angles.

Existing Products

The first video is from ‘lakai limited footwear’ and the advert is very short and cuts to the point quickly. It is only adverting a new shoe that Lakai are bringing out. I will probably use the filming techniques from this video as it is the classic look for filming skateboarding.

The second video is from a company called ‘Shake junt’.  The advert is quite long and tells a story. It is advertising a new release from the company;  it involves a new skateboard, a t-shirt and new socks.

The third video is from the companies ‘Palace’ and ‘Reebok’. It is a comedic advert and is hosted by Jonah Hill. The advert is funny and involving. I feel that it really leaves you wanting to see more from Palace and Reebok.

My video will not be like any of these.  It will be a minute or so long and will be advertising a shop. I could not find any professional skate shop adverts, therefore I didn’t use them for this. However, I will still being taking ideas from these videos.


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