Analysing images

jumping off chairs


Donald O’Conner and Gene Kelly in the ‘moses supposes’ routine from ‘ singing in the rain’ (1952). Kelly and Stanley Donen’s affectionate spoof of the early days of talkies.


This image involves two men jumping off chairs in a happy manner. The jump is very exaggerated, you can tell this because their feet are lifted high in the air and it is a high jump. I think that the picture suggests action, it is a very real picture and looks normal.


The picture has been arranged in a way that you can see it all. For example, the photographer has stood back so that he can get the whole actors in mid jump in shot but also the floor and the background wall. The room that they are in looks like a kitchen of a house, it has a window with the curtains drawn in the background. The picture is very nice to look at and is calm to view. There is symmetry in this photo, the chairs and the people are next to each other and in two’s which is symmetrical.


The photographer stood in the right place and waited for them to jump off. The photo was taken in 1952 so there were no digital cameras. This means that it took a while to produce and was made over a long period of time.


For me the picture has a happy and excited mood. The actors are smiling which suggests that they are happy. They are jumping high which makes me feel like they are excited and happy. This makes it a happy photo and it looks like they were having as good time.




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