Camera angles and shots

When filming skateboarding you need to use a variety of different camera angles and shots. One reason why you need to do this is because if you use the same shot and angle for each clip, then the people watching your video could get bored. This is not good because it means that people will not watch your video. In the case of an advert, it is bad because it could decrease your sales. A second reason why it is important to use different camera angles and shots is because I will be using different lens. This is important as it will add a variety of shots and angles to my video making it more entertaining.  One of the lenses I will be using is a fish eye lens. This is good for filming skateboarding as you can make things look bigger then they actually are. This is good as it makes tricks look higher and obstacles look bigger. This only works if you hold the camera in a certain place and a certain angle. The closer you go to the object you are filming the bigger it looks and the further away you go, the smaller it looks.  To get the right angle for filming skateboarding you have to be very close to the object you are filming (in my case the skateboarder). You then have to hold the camera low down to the floor and pointed up at a 45 degree angle . This will make your footage look better.

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 09.59.52

This is a screenshot from a skateboarding video from Red Bull.  This is holding the camera low and pointed up at 45 degree angle shot. This looks good as it makes the skateboarders trick look higher than it actually is.

These videos are fill in shots, they make the video longer and will help set the scene. I will be using these types of shots in Penzance, the shop and the skatepark.

These two shots are the same thing but at different angles. I will be using this idea of two shots for my video to get a different view of the best tricks.

Using all these angles will make my video, longer ,more interesting and more exciting for the viewers. It will improve my final grade for my final major project.


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