4.1 Critically evaluate  a creative media project against the agreed requirements and parameters.

Overall evaluation

When I first got the brief I didn’t like it as I couldn’t think of anything to do with wonderland. The only thing that came to mind was Alice in Wonderland. After doing mind maps, I got the idea that I wanted to do skating in wonderland.

My mind maps  went well and they gave me good idea of what I need to do for my project idea. My research went well I did a lot of it and it helped me reinforce my idea and make it stronger. My proposal for the lecturers, also went really well, they all liked my idea and gave me good feedback.

This is the feedback received from Adam Blackmore, for the pitch proposal I gave to him.

The planning for my video went well I planned out what shots I want and what order I want them in. It helped me a lot because I knew what type of videos I want when it came to filming.

This is an advert for a skateboard shop that was made in 1989.  As you can see the quality is not very good – it is unclear, but that is because it is old.  There is a voice over, which I have not using in my advert.  However, there are skateboard trick shots and I have  used trick shots and people skateboarding in my video.

I feel that this advert style is close to mine.  It uses shots of the shops goods/products and incorporates skate boarders.  There is no talking just music – as mine is.  The running order of this advert is similar to mine as well.

When I finished my video I was very happy with it.   I have increased my knowledge in editing techniques and editing with premiere I have improved my video editing  knowledge all together.

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 13.27.56

This is a screenshot of my video being edited. I think that my editing skills really helped make my video better as it looks professional.

My blog also went well, I have all my work on it and it is up to date.  I have learnt how to use wordpress and I have got better at writing blogs, this will all help me in some way for the future.Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 09.29.15.png

This is a picture of my blogs welcome page, I have all the units in its own menu. And drop down menus for sub catagories in the project.

I have now finished all my work. I am happy with the way that all the work has come out. There is a lot of it and its all detailed. Therefore, I believe that it fits the brief and will hopefully allow me to get a merit in the written work. I have finished my advert and, in my opinion, it looks good. I think that it promotes the shop well and I hope that Sessions think that too. I also think that my video meets the brief for Wonderland.  The shop and the skate park is a skateboarders’ Wonderland and the video definitely shows that. I think that my video will get me a merit grade for the product and Sessions may use it online for their advert.


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