Evaluation for Revolutions



The starting point of my video was the group being given the brief.  We were asked to make a short interactive film with the topic of ‘Revolutions’.  We decided to make our interactive video, based on the digital revolution.  We had to make the video on anything that was to do with digital revolutions.  I chose the bad side of social media and how people can get information and find you.

I was inspired by the You tube video “The Chase”, which is by a group called Dreeze Edits.  The video is set in Truro and involves a man getting chased around the streets of Truro and you choose which way he goes.  We thought that this was good and decided to add in a digital revolutions theme.

Throughout this project, I have learnt a lot about filming.  I have learnt about the camera angles and the reasons why they improve a video.  I have also learnt a lot about editing – I can now go into Premiere and edit a video and make it look good and professional.

This Project

The techniques that I used are professional, especially the filming and the editing.  For the filming, we used a lot of different camera angles and did each shot a couple of times.  This meant that we had a lot of footage to choose from when it came to putting the film together in the editing program.

I am very pleased with the work that I have completed and feel like I have done it to the best of my ability.  I think in the future, I need to work on my timing and how I need to become quicker at working.  I also think that I need to improve my computer skills.  If I was going to do the project again, I think I would do more written work and have started on that earlier.  However, overall, I am happy with this project.


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