Step Outline

Step 1

Jude walks out of the cinema. He begins vlogging about a new film he’s seen.

Step 2

Jack is seen in the background. It cuts to a shot of him holding a knife and then messaging Jude, threatening him.

Step 3

Jude looks at phone and tell viewers that someone threatened him. The choices of how to react, appear on screen. The main option involves Jude running away from vlogger.

Step 4

Jude starts running away, aware that Jack is chasing him. They run down a few different streets with options to go left, right or forward. Jude goes forward for the main option. He reaches a dead end where he’s trapped and has to fight.

Step 5

There is nowhere to go. Jude and Jack begin fighting. Jack swings a knife. The option which results into Jude surviving is if he chooses to dodge. He hits Jack in the face causing him to stumble and be disoriented. He disarms him and puts him in a headlock which puts him to sleep. This allows him to escape Jack. He goes home and uploads a video to the internet titled ‘surviving an attack.’

Gantt Chart

Task Name Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 9 Week 10
Gantt Chart done
Brief done
Project Metric done
Mood board done
Project Visualisation done
Step Outline done
Script done
Storyboard done
Essay done
Presentation done
Mind Map done
Filming done
Shot List done

Project Metric


Please give a critical response to the following, use the brief to establish answers.


Personal Strengths


Personal weaknesses


Time (How long have you got?)


The project is due 3rd March We have a good amount of time to film. Handling all the work.
Cost (Do you have a budget?)


Small budget. We only need spare change for food. Buy a fake knife. We don’t need much money to film the project. We can’t make as professional as possible as we don’t have loads of money.
Resources (How much time are you spending on the project, what resources do you have? Need?)


The filming should take a day or two. We need time for editing and evaluating. We’ll be borrowing a camera.  We need a fake knife for the scenes. We have clothing to make the characters look real. We are able to take out a camera from college. We have to make sure we get a camera in time because other people are using them.

The camera may not be charged or lose charge quickly.

Scope (What is the scope of the project?)


The project is much bigger than the last one as we have to film. We can travel because we have bus passes. Filming can take a lot of time.
Quality (Are you reviewing and fixing quality problems?)


Yes. We are deciding what camera to use, as one of them has better quality but may not be suitable for the project. We are able to decide what equipment we will need for different scenes of the project. We have a limited amount of equipment.
Actions (Do you have action items outstanding)


We will need to give back the camera that we use. We are good at handling the time that we have to use this camera. If we damage the camera, we would have to deal with the consequences.

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