Step Outline For Wonderland

Step 1

At the start of my video I want to have clips of the outside and shops that are near to Sessions.  This is the shop that I will be making the advert for. I want there to be different angles and shots. For example,  I want too use long shots, mid shots, closeups and time lapses. I would like to get some birds eye view angles but I don’t know how I would get them.

Step 2

One skateboarding trick maybe filmed at two angles one with a fish eye lens at a low angle and  the other one with a standard lens and a straight angle.  However, if I cannot do both it will definitely be filmed with a fish eye lens.

Step 3

In the shop , lots of different angles and shots of all skate products that Sessions sell. All this will be filmed with a standard lens.

Step 4

More tricks from skateboarders at the skate park, filmed with different angles and shots. There will be a few tricks and then the best ones will show on screen. This will finish off the video as the Sessions logo and main information  fill the screen. End of video.


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