3. Production Log


3.1 Apply practical skills, knowledge and understanding to complete a creative media project within an agreed time frame.

Week 1, 6th March

At the end of this week I have read and annotated the brief , I  have also made two mind maps; one for ideas for my project and the other for ideas for what to make my project, for example film, magazine or advert.

Evaluation of Week 1

Reading the brief this week has really helped me get a feel and understanding for the project. At first, I could only think of things to do with Alice in Wonderland and I didn’t know what to do for an idea when I thought of wonderland. However, after reading and analysing the brief, I decided that I wanted to do a video based product to do with skateboarding. I decided on audio visual as my format because  I like filming skateboarding and I know people I can film.  This should mean that it will be easy to film. Now I have read the brief I am excited to start the project and have a good idea in my head.


Week 2, 13th March

This week I have spent most of my time creating and planning for my presentation. I have also  done some research on Wonderland and what it means to other people and how they see their wonderland. I have also looked at what Wonderland means to me and how I see it.

Evaluation of Week 2

Doing research on Wonderland has really helped me, as I can now see how other people view their Wonderland. It has showed me that everyone has their own idea of Wonderland, and therefore a skateboarding wonderland would attract people who skateboard. This makes me even more confident about wanting to do my idea about the ‘Wonderland of skateboarding’.


Week 3, 20th March

This week I finished off the final bits of my presentation. Then I did my presentation in front of my peers. I thought that my idea was good and I also thought that my presentation went well. According to the feedback from my peers, they also thought that my idea and presentation was good.  Almost everyone thought that it would be acceptable for fitting the brief. I am happy with the way it went and I think I will be sticking with this idea all the way for my final major project.

Evaluation of week 3

Getting peer feedback, I found out what people thought of my idea. I think most people liked it and thought that it was a good idea. This means that I should just keep the idea that I have and continue with it.


Week 4, 27th March

This week I have researched more about Wonderland and more about developing ideas for what to do and how to present it. I have come to the decision that I want to make a video advert for the surf and skate shop ‘Sessions’ in Penzance.

Evaluation of week 4

After deciding that I want to do an advert for the shop,  I feel like I can now progress onto things like storyboarding for my advert.  This decision has opened up the path for carrying on and making my product.

Week 5, 18th April

This week I worked on, and completed, all my work that needed to be done for my pitch to the lecturers. In my opinion I think that it is all good and up to date. I hope that it all goes OK when I am presenting it next week.

Evaluation of week 5

After doing all the written work that I needed to complete for this week, I have now got a clear idea of what else I need to do for my project. I need to research more and then make my video, and then do my final evaluations.


Week 6, 24th April

I presented my presentation and work to my lectures and they think that my idea is good and my work is up to date. They gave me very little feedback, however, they said that most of my ideas and work done to date for my project are good.

Evaluation of week 6

It is good that I have received feedback on my project  because without it, I could have gone in the wrong direction and have to make changes at a later date. This now means that all I have to do is continue the way I am going and just add in lot of written work and research.

Week 7, 1st May

This week I have done more research and started to think about making my advert. I have planned the advert out in my head and have a good idea of how I want it to look.  I have filmed shots ready for editing next week.

Evaluation of week 7

Doing more research has backed up my idea. I now feel very  confident with my idea and I have a strong thoughts on  how I want my advert to look . As I have an idea for what I want my video to look like, I am able to start immediately, and get all the shots that I want. I am in a better place to finish my video than someone who is unsure about what they want in their video.

Week 8, 8th May

This week I started editing my advert. I put all of my work that is related to making the video into a folder, and put the folder in Premiere. I then arranged them all around and put them in time with the song that I have chosen. I have edited almost half of my video. I might change a few things around as I think that the skate videos should be spread out rather than altogether.

Evaluation of week 8

After editing half of my video, I am confident that it looks good and even more confident with the thought of finishing before the deadline. Due to adding a song I now know the structure and beat that my video should be at.

Week 9, 15th May

This week I finished off editing my video, it is now complete. I really like my video and my teachers like it too. I think that it fits the client brief and makes you imagine a ‘skaters Wonderland’.


 Week 10, 22nd May

This week I have evaluated my video and all my other work. I have finished off any written work that needs to be done. I have finished my blog and have printed out and stuck work into my book. Sticking work into a book will give me a better chance at getting a better grade. It will improve my presentation marks and give the examiners something to physically handle rather than having them read it all off a computer

Evaluation of week 10

I have completed all my work to a good standard. I think that it is good and meets the brief. Hopefully this work will enable me to get a merit in my final grade.


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