2. Planning and Research

2.1 Review a range if research sources to support a creative media production project.
2.2 Interpret research to develop ideas and effectively communicate to an audience.

jumping off chairs


Donald O’Conner and Gene Kelly in the ‘Moses supposes’ routine from ‘Singing in the rain’ (1952). Kelly and Stanley Donen’s affectionate spoof of the early days of talkies.


This image involves two men jumping off chairs in a happy manner. The jump is very exaggerated, you can tell this because their feet are lifted high in the air and it is a high jump. I think that the picture suggests action, it is a very real picture and looks normal.


The picture has been arranged in a way that you can see it all. For example, the photographer has stood back so that he can get the whole actors in mid jump in shot but also the floor and the background wall. The room that they are in looks like a kitchen of a house, it has a window with the curtains drawn in the background. The picture is very nice to look at and is calm to view. There is symmetry in this photo, the chairs and the people are next to each other and in two’s which is symmetrical.


The photographer stood in the right place and waited for them to jump off. The photo was taken in 1952 so there were no digital cameras. This means that it took a while to produce and was made over a long period of time.


For me the picture has a happy and excited mood. The actors are smiling which suggests that they are happy. They are jumping high which makes me feel like they are excited and happy. This makes it a happy photo and it looks like they were having as good time.


Camera Angles And Shots

When filming skateboarding you need to use a variety of different camera angles and shots. One reason why you need to do this is because if you use the same shot and angle for each clip, then the people watching your video could get bored. This is not good because it means that people will not watch your video. In the case of an advert, it is bad because it could decrease your sales. A second reason why it is important to use different camera angles and shots is because I will be using different lens. This is important as it will add a variety of shots and angles to my video making it more entertaining.  One of the lenses I will be using is a fish eye lens. This technique is good for filming skateboarding as you can make things look bigger then they actually are. This is good as it makes tricks look higher and obstacles look bigger. This only works if you hold the camera in a certain place and a certain angle. The closer you go to the object you are filming the bigger it looks and the further away you go, the smaller it looks.  To get the right angle for filming skateboarding you have to be very close to the object you are filming (in my case the skateboarder). You then have to hold the camera low down to the floor and pointed up at a 45 degree angle . This will make your footage look better.

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 09.59.52

This is a screenshot from a skateboarding video from Red Bull.  This is holding the camera low and pointed up at 45 degree angle shot, this makes the skateboarders trick look higher than it actually is.

These videos are fill in shots, they make the video longer and will help set the scene. I will be using these types of shots in Penzance, the shop and the skatepark.

These two shots are the same thing but at different angles. I will be using this idea of two shots for my video to get a different view of the best tricks.

Using all these angles will make my video, longer ,more interesting and more exciting for the viewers. It will improve my final grade for my final major project.

organising with sessions

I had to go into sessions to discuss my idea with them to see if they were ok with it happening, they were, we talked about the type of shots I was going to use and the locations I was going to use. they really liked my idea and wanted me to do it, we decided to use pentane plaza as the skatepark in the video , we had other contenders but the plaza is the newest and best out of them all.

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 12.07.02


Step Outline

Step 1

At the start of my video I want to have clips of the outside and shops that are near to Sessions.  This is the shop that I will be making the advert for. I want there to be different angles and shots. For example,  I want too use long shots, mid shots, closeups and time lapses. I would like to get some birds eye view angles but I don’t know how I would get them.

Step 2

One skateboarding trick maybe filmed at two angles one with a fish eye lens at a low angle and  the other one with a standard lens and a straight angle.  However, if I cannot do both it will definitely be filmed with a fish eye lens.

Step 3

In the shop , lots of different angles and shots of all skate products that Sessions sell. All this will be filmed with a standard lens.

Step 4

More tricks from skateboarders at the skate park, filmed with different angles and shots. There will be a few tricks and then the best ones will show on screen. This will finish off the video as the Sessions logo and main information  fill the screen. End of video.


storyboard scrreeen shot 1story board screeen sahot 2

My War: Ryan Decenzo

This video is like a short documentary. It is filmed and edited very professionally and has lots of key features to make it look this way. The filming in this video is very good, all the skate clips were filmed at different angles it is filmed steadily and by expensive cameras. This means that the viewing quality will be better for the viewer and it will be easier to watch on the eye.  The editing in this video is also very professional and is edited to make easy viewing. All the videos merge together well and fit each other. There are a few effects that come up on screen which are well made, they look good are are not too intrusive to the screen. The sounds/audio that are in the video are also good,  all the natural sounds like talking are easy to hear and nothing is too quiet or too loud. In certain parts of the video there is music. The music has obviously been thought about as the genre fits the type of skating perfectly. I  know this because some things are edited to the beat drop. All these editing techniques really help the video, as it improves the viewing quality for the viewers.

I can use these techniques in my video, it will make my video look more professional and will keep the viewer interested.  I can use the editing techniques as inspiration, although I will have no talking, there will still be clips that need to be cut and placed in appropriate places to make the video flow. I need to use the correct type of song like in this video to insure that it all fits and flows. I need to also make sure that the beat drops to certain tricks to make the look more bold. All this will make the video look better for the viewer.

This advert promotes a new car, It is a lifestyle promoting advert. It displays the idea that if you drive this car then you will be admired by people who see you . They do this by showing people driving their kids to school in different cars and the kids are embarrassed to go into school in them and get out quickly and early. When the Volkswagen car come along the kid is happy to be riding in it to school as everyone admires the car , this advert promotes the fact that if you drive this car you are cool.


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