5.2 Audio Planning

1.2 Apply research activities to support solutions to a visual based problem in creative media production.
2.1 Demonstrate the ability to plan, organise and present solutions to a visual-based problem in creative media production.

Having low quality audio in films and video, puts the audience off from watching. When making a video, you should not take audio into consideration once you start filming; you should be preparing to make your audio good before production begins.

Filmmakers scout for good locations, but it is equally important to develop an ear for audio location. The acoustics of the location should be borne in mind. Do the voices echo loudly in the room? Is it in a highly-populated area? What ambient noises might be around? In the case of our film, we are filming outside in the street.  There will be noises, but we are going to keep them in.  However, we must be aware that our voices should be heard over those noises and that they do not intrude.

The sound that we are going to use that we have to produce is the Iphone message alert tone.  We will download this and put it in to the video when editing.  We are using phones and cameras to film, these have internal microphones – we won’t need extra mics. The phones are Moto G4plus and Iphone 5S.  We will be aware of the external sounds that might be heard when filming.  Some sounds we need to be aware of the rubbish lorry, emergency service vehicle sirens and maybe people talking near the equipment.

We are going to use some music for the end of the video where it says ‘you win’.  We listened to loads of music but eventually we decided on Snoop Dog ‘The next episode’ and Denzil Curry ‘Ultimate’.  We found this on You Tube and used Video Grabby to download it.

Jude will mainly speak so we need to make sure his voice is heard and is clear.  As stated previously, we are filming in the street, so there will be street noises.


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