Unit 5 Audio

5:1 The assignment

1.1 Analyse the requirements and parameters of a visual based problem in creative media production.

Sound design is the method of stating, obtaining, manipulating or generating audio elements. It is used in all disciplines including film making, television production, theatre, sound recording and reproduction, live performance, sound art, post-production, radio and video game development.

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Skills Log


I have learnt a lot in photography and have really increased my skills in taking images. For example, I have learnt how to manually operate a camera and what effects to add for different scenes.I know about light and all the types and colours used to create a feeling in the picture.


In filming I have learnt about different camera angles and techniques. I have learnt the important  things about the angles and how they can positively and negatively  change the videos look.


For audio, I have learnt a lot about the way sounds can add to a video, wether its background noise of effects noise. sound can help increase the feelings that the scene is trying to give out.




Mise en scene


This is a scene from the film ‘Chasing Mavericks. In this scene you can see natural light coming from the sun. This is technically called available light.


This is a scene from the film ‘Straight outta Compton’. This light is called artificial light, the scene is dark but the light from the entrance to the party makes it look threatening  and intimidating.


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