3. Production Log


3.1 Apply practical skills, knowledge and understanding to complete a creative media project within an agreed time frame.

Week 1, 6th March

At the end of this week I have read and annotated the brief , I  have also made two mind maps; one for ideas for my project and the other for ideas for what to make my project, for example film, magazine or advert. Continue reading “3. Production Log”


1. Project Proposal

1.1 Analyse the requirements of a creative media production project.

Wonder Land Pitch

To me ‘Wonderland’ means the most amazing place imaginable in your opinion. For me it would be a ‘concrete wonderland’ –  the best skatepark imaginable. This skatepark would be the best for the type of skating that I like and the only people there would be me and my friends. Continue reading “1. Project Proposal”


4.1 Critically evaluate  a creative media project against the agreed requirements and parameters.

Overall evaluation

When I first got the brief I didn’t like it as I couldn’t think of anything to do with wonderland. The only thing that came to mind was Alice in Wonderland. After doing mind maps, I got the idea that I wanted to do skating in wonderland.

My mind maps  went well and they gave me good idea of what I need to do for my project idea. My research went well I did a lot of it and it helped me reinforce my idea and make it stronger. My proposal for the lecturers, also went really well, they all liked my idea and gave me good feedback.

Continue reading “Evaluation”


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